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April 1, 2013

He is Risen... and Not Just the Easter Bunny

Easter Babies
If you grew up in church, you probably know the response to the title of this post. He is risen... He is risen indeed. Many of us heard that phrase over the weekend and since I don't post on weekends, it seemed fitting on a day when I'll be remembering that there is a whole lot more to the holiday than a jellybean hangover.

Every year, we celebrate Easter with our little family, explaining to our wee ones that it's more than treats and chocolate bunnies and eggs. We try to help our kids understand that this season is just as important as Christmas, even though it doesn't get the same media hype as Santa and his reindeer. But in and amongst the talk of the cross and spending time at church, we embark on a few extra holiday traditions too.

We try to be pretty minimal about showering our kids with presents at every possible occasion but for a time that's as special as Easter, we decided to continue the tradition of doing a small Easter basket for each child, hidden in a special place in our house. It's the thrill of the hunt and the anticipation of the prize at the end that made it so fun for our wee ones this year as they followed their handwritten clues and hunted down their baskets, filled with treats, a new book, and a small toy for each one of them.

For two little kids, it was a morning filled with sweetness, family, and fun. When they look back on their memories years later, I can't help but to hope that they will always treasure special mornings like that one.

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