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April 12, 2013

Another Day, Another Farm

And here we are, at the conclusion of another week. Like I said yesterday, it was definitely a tougher week this go-round. The kids haven't exactly been on their best behavior lately (read also: Nathaniel has discovered that hitting his sister is effective in taking away a toy... at least until Mommy shows up to even the score). Jonathan and I are both spending a ridiculous amount of time pressing the refresh button on our computer screens when it comes to the real estate websites, hoping that something new will have popped up in the last five minutes. And the stress of our move and house situation has begun to get under my skin as I have now stopped sleeping well.

Mercifully, tonight we'll have a night away from the wee ones which means extra fun and treats for them and extra sleep and adult conversation for us. A win-win for all involved, especially the grandparents who get to dote on their grandkids for an extra night.

The time away is going to be much-needed because we have some serious things to discuss in those precious few hours where our heads won't be targeted with sippy cup catapults. We have a lot of options in front of us right now- a couple houses we could choose from to make a purchase, even though they aren't perfectly ideal for one reason or another. Or we could wait another month, two months, even three months in the hope that something better (closer to school, larger bedrooms, better layout) would come on the market.

So this weekend, we'll be out and about with our realtor (if you see us, say hello and feel free to offer free advice or an alcoholic beverage) trying to decide what direction we will be taking our family for the next fifteen to twenty years. No pressure, right? Consider this an invitation for any of you who have purchased a house and/or moved recently. Share the vast stores Internet wisdom with us! Buy or wait?


  1. I'd wait until something perfect comes along. Or something with minimal disadvantages. There are definitely things I don't care for in the house we chose but most of them can be remedied. Not right away and not always cheaply but the things we love about our house make it worth while. We're in a GREAT location! Location is a big one, you can always change up the house but you can't change the location. If you need someone to vent to, I'm here!

    1. Thanks, Verna. I'm trying to stick to what I would like to find and wait it out but it's so hard. We tried to buy one this past weekend but it fell through because they wanted more for the house than it was worth so we're back to the drawing board now... just hoping something comes up soon!

  2. We put in an offer on a short sale house (not far from your region of the Metro) at the beginning of August and were expecting an answer in October. We GOT THE January....less than 2 wks before Wyatt was going to be born. Those months in between were hellish double-triple-quadruple thinking of our sticking with it. We are awfully happy that we did even though I don't think I'd have done it again. We would have left this one like a hot rock by December had another come along but the market is so dang tough and there just weren't other options that would fit our family like this one does (and will even more when we get to do the changes over the next 10yrs that we are planning on doing).

    Take your vision of the house as is, and overlay a vision as it could be. If it will work as is for 5 years, think then if you can change the most pressing things by then. There will rarely, if ever, be that PERFECT house but there might be a couple that COULD be. Take your best eyes, imagination, and always keep track of your heart as you walk through them. Revisit those few houses that you think might work and hold them up against your priorities. If they don't fit your priorities, toss them and wait. Next is the wish list, can they BECOME your wish list? If'll likely want to toss it. Waiting is always an option, which is how you can end up waiting for years. I'd listen to your heart about the ones you have and if you feel that it could be the right place...set your cap for it. If not, wait another season and see what comes out. Spring is a big selling time I'm told.

    1. That's good advice Katie!! Congratulations on getting your house- short sales make me nervous but if it's the right one, we would jump at it. I really appreciated your thoughts on seeing the house as it is and how it could be too. I know we won't get every single thing we want in a house but if we could get some things that we want (and potentially add the rest later or change it a bit as we go) it might turn out to be our dream house. I think we just have to find something that would really work well for us to do that with- hopefully it will turn up soon!!