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April 9, 2013

And That's Why We Wore Boots

Favorite Park
Favorite Park
This last weekend, Long Underwear Country finally saw a bit of sunshine that warmed temperatures up to tolerable levels. Armed with jackets, mittens, and the obligatory boots for puddle-stomping, we braved the outdoors as a family and took a stroll down to our favorite park.

In a far cry from last summer, Nathaniel was practically throwing himself down the slides and climbing everything in sight. And in a recent development, my littlest one has decided that the swings are tantamount to Chinese water torture, or so she would have us believe. Apparently, we have some warming up to do to the park this summer... but common sense tells me to wait a few more days. Half of our time at the park was spent avoiding puddles (or in Nathaniel's case, jumping into them with the enthusiasm of a rabid puppy) and as much as I love doing laundry, folding and sorting baby-sized socks on a daily basis isn't exactly on my bucket list. Unfortunately, judging by the rate at which my kids go through their clothes (someone explain this phenomenon to me, please!), I think I'm out to set a new world record.

Watch out, Guinness! I've got socks and I'm not afraid to use them!

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