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March 29, 2013

To Get Out

Farm Fun in the Snow
Farm Fun in the Snow
Farm Fun in the Snow
Since it's no longer -30 outside, the wee ones and I have been venturing out more and more just to get out of the house. Winter quickly taught us that days upon weeks spent cooped up inside are an excellent recipe to watch angelic attitudes sprout horns with the kind of speed that would give any parent a decent case of whiplash. With that knowledge, even though it doesn't really feel like spring in the air yet, the kids and I have been embracing the sunshine... even if that means bundling up in our snowpants or boots before we walk out the front door.

Earlier this week, with temperatures in the thirties, we couldn't stand to be cooped up inside for a single moment longer so we piled into the car and drove over to a local farm to walk around and have a bit of fun. Admittedly, our plans were pretty short-lived since the snow was still several feet high but even that brief breath of fresh air did wonders for the hope of spring (and the toddler attitudes).

With a little luck (and a whole lot of melted snow), maybe we'll even start to see some warmer temperatures around here soon. At this rate, Minnesota won't be welcoming summer until August... but hey, a girl can always hope!

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