March 27, 2013

The Excitement is Palpable

Big News
And we're done! As you can see from the photo, we have good news to share this week- our house has sold! After going back and forth with one particularly bad offer and then waiting for another one to come in, we chose the second one and haven't looked back since!

The paperwork has been signed, the inspection is complete, and now we're just waiting for our closing date before we are up, out, and (hopefully) into a new home! This hasn't been an easy path for us the last few months, but we've learned a lot. We've realized that this process has drawn our little family closer together through the sheer inconvenience of being kicked out of our own house and the struggles that ensued from a lack of schedule and the additional stress. We've watched how our kids are getting excited for their "new" rooms and we're still talking up the fun we'll have in our next place. And we've learned to approach life and it's challenges (like selling a house) with humor- not to make statements about who you will and won't sell a house to, no matter what rude comments their realtor may make about the color of your kids' rooms. Ahem.

So with a little humor and a whole lot of packing boxes, we know what we'll be doing for the next month. Hang on to your hats, kids! It's moving time!


  1. Yay! Congrats! No more showings :-) Can hardly wait to see where you guys end up!

    1. Thanks Amy!! I can't wait to see where we'll land too!!