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March 1, 2013

Seeking Silver Linings

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Earlier this week, I talked about where we are with house stuff. I know, y'all are tired of hearing about it, but guess what? I'm tired of writing about it! Better yet, I'M TIRED OF LIVING IT! We've had at least one showing every day this week and the stress of it all is really starting to get to us. Last Saturday dawned with five back-to-back showings which left us high and dry for a good portion of the day. Though we're grateful that this process is moving forward, the events of that day taught us a great deal more than we ever hoped to know about what to expect when you're selling.

Per usual, our day started off with the panic to get out the door on time. We left a perfectly clean house, despite the best efforts of the wee ones. Though we were loathe to be gone for so long on a Saturday, we made the time an adventure til 2pm rolled around and we headed home to lay the kids down for their naps.

As soon as I walked into Evelyn's bedroom, I knew something was wrong. What had been a perfectly clean room when we left was now a room with toys pulled out and things laid around in a haphazard fashion. While we were gone, trusting not just a house but our home to the care of the realtors, someone had rifled through my little girl's things. More than anything else, seeing my daughter's room pulled apart left a sense of betrayal. When we first put our house on the market, I struggled with the idea that complete strangers would be welcoming themselves into my home, opening our closets and generally poking around to get the lay of the land. I had finally been able to move beyond that when I realized that people are generally respectful- surely they wouldn't go through our personal belongings while we were out.

Sickened, I laid my daughter down to sleep and started to get Nathaniel ready for his nap. He went into the bathroom to do his business but stopped short when he saw something unusual in the toilet. Garbage- the metal hook from a ski pass- had been tossed into our toilet, leaving it to us to fish it out.

It goes without saying that I was incensed to see our home treated like a second class motel. We may not live in the ritziest neighborhood or have all of the upgrades, but we've put a lot of work into our home since we purchased it. We painted, repaired, and remodeled to make it what it is today, but the events of the weekend somehow cheapened what we've done.

If we had we any doubts about whether or not we were doing the right thing, I would have pulled our home off the market right then and there. This chapter in our lives would have been over and we could've cleaned up and moved on, but things are rarely that simple. Though I seriously considered emailing all of the realtors who brought people into our home that day and giving them a piece of my mind about doing their jobs, it wouldn't do any good at this point. So we've made plans to move on, flagging the names of those realtors for future reference, and implementing a bit of security for the kids' rooms going forward.

We don't know if we are nearing the end of this journey or if we are still at the starting gate, but we're pushing forward and trusting that somehow, all of this will be worthwhile in the end. After all, doesn't every cloud have a silver lining?


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    1. Based on property records and such, it would be very easy for a potential buyer to find this blog so I can't publish it on here but feel free to shoot me an email and I will explain it privately!

  2. You should have your Realtor contact the agents, because that is totally unacceptable!

    Although at one house we were looking at I guess my 15 month old got into some DVDs and we didn't notice. Whooops!

    1. Our realtor actually did follow up with the other agents, though none of them owned-up to being at fault. As far as I'm concerned though, none of those realtors are welcome in my home again.

      And I do understand how tough it is for kids and showings- sometimes things happen and maybe they would pull out some toys (or DVDs!). Kids will be kids! Honestly, as violated as I felt having someone in Evie's things, it was the garbage in the toilet that really pushed me over the edge. Ugh... still gets my ire up!!

  3. That is completely unacceptable- I would be fuming!

    1. Oh, I was and, quite honestly, thinking about it still makes me really upset. It's just one of those things that you never think will really happen- especially when you have a realtor in your house who is supposed to be looking out for your interests while they're showing the house. I think we're just really hoping that this doesn't happen again!

  4. I would have felt the exact same. Hoping that things are smooth sailing from here on out!