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March 11, 2013

Hello, Goodbye

I was completely MIA last week, save for the two video posts that were pre-scheduled to go live beforehand. The reason has a lot to do with several things concerning our home that happened over the last seven days which I will discuss in great detail once they are finalized, but for now, things could still change drastically so mum's the word on our place.

When we weren't swamped with everything regarding our four walls, we were busy checking out possibilities for our next home- especially over the weekend since the wee ones spent a glorious two days with their grandparents and allowed us the rare luxury of sleeping-in. I mentioned it on Twitter, but both Jonathan and I were more excited than either one of us has ever been about a house when we went out looking on Saturday, having picked one out online that fit our needs perfectly.

We saw the house. We fell head-over-heels in love. We started to write up an offer. And then something came up, something that had us scratching our heads and wondering who in their right mind wrote out the rules for closing costs and down payments.

Unfortunately, it was enough that our hands were tied. No matter how much we loved the house, the neighborhood, or the little playset in the backyard, we had to step away and acknowledge that this house may not be the right one. It was a tough call, and tougher still knowing that we had the ability to make the offer if we compromised our financial priorities.

Compromises are never easy. Going into this process, we knew what areas we were willing to accept a little give and take, but at some point, compromises can't be made. So we walked away from the house that felt like home... and we are trying to trust that somehow, some way, it will all be worthwhile in the end.

Stay tuned later this week to hear about all the adventures with our house, and hopefully the return of rainbows and puppy dogs after this gloom!

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