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February 13, 2013

You Know It's Love When...

You Know It's Love When
In honor of the lovefest this week, I couldn't resist taking a somewhat lighthearted look at love and romance. Nothing says love like red roses and chocolates, but the oddest things become sweet and romantic once you share a bathroom. So in honor of Valentine's Day, you know that it's love when...

1. He doesn't judge you for eating ice cream four nights in a row. In fact, he'll join you.

2. He lets you pick the movie. And if you're really lucky, you'll even get to hold the remote.

3. He makes the ten-mile, uphill-both-ways trek to put his socks in the laundry hamper.

4. He offers to cook dinner... on a night that you aren't making frozen pizza.

5. He kisses you without pretending to go into convulsions from your morning breath.

6. You switch to decaf because he gives you the puppy dog eyes.

7. You realize that one of the best ways to say I love you is take care of that poopy diaper.

8. You consider pausing the episode of Downton Abbey when he asks you a question.

9. You resist the urge to pinch his nose when he starts snoring.

10. You kiss him when he gets home from work... despite the kids using your body like a human ladder to get to Daddy.


  1. So sweet- I can especially relate to number 10!

    1. And to think... I used to be able to kiss my husband in SILENCE when he came home from work. Only another eighteen years before I get to do that one again, right? ;)