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February 19, 2013

While Mom Is Away...

King of the Legos
King of the Legos
King of the Legos
At the beginning of January, I invested in a gym membership which has afforded me a chance to start exercising again, but also an entire hour to myself. In the middle of the afternoon. Do you hear that sound? Yes, it is the sound of angels singing. I feel the same way, believe me.

Our routine usually goes something like this: Jonathan gets home from work and if he's very, very lucky, then I've already started to make dinner. I drag my feet getting changed and heading out the door which typically involves at least a fifteen minute goodbye process with the kids. I enjoy my semblance of freedom for an hour while sweating like there's no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Jonathan is either bribing the kids with snacks, making dinner with a child attached to each leg, or building the world's sweetest duplo castle with the aid of both children.

It's pretty safe to say that I was awfully impressed when I got home from the gym, especially when the first words out of the kids' mouths were Look Mommy! We built a castle!! Coolest castle. Ever.

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