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February 20, 2013

Living the Journey

Walk in the Woods
These last few weeks have been quite the journey for our family. Early in January, we put our house on the market and have been living in a perpetual state of stressed cleanliness ever since. While I'm thrilled to have the piles of mail cleared away from my kitchen countertops, I miss the days of being able to spread out and feel at home in our own house. Right now, we're frantically picking up after ourselves knowing that we could have as little as a few hours warning before we have to be out of our house.

If nothing else, this season in our lives has been an exercise in patience and preparation, especially for Jonathan and I. There is little that is more arduous than trying to corral two wee ones and have them diapered, fed, and at least mostly happy before shooing them out the door and hoping that we remembered to pick up the dirty socks in the bathroom.

Though it all made sense logically, we went into this process hoping that we were doing the best thing for our family but groping about blindly and crossing our fingers. After the first month and a half passed by with no success, we began to seriously question whether or not we were doing the right thing for our family so earlier this week, we took a day to seriously think and pray about whether or not to continue this process. We wrestled with the idea of taking our house off the market or persevering with the endless showings, seeking whatever answer would align with God's will and with the best place to be for our family.

In the end, we learned that it truly is amazing what can happen on days that are specifically set aside for seeking answers, and this one was no different. We came away from the day firmly knowing that we are doing the right thing for our family, though we still have a house for sale and don't know where we will land when it's all said and done. No matter what happens from this point on though, we have peace knowing that, for now at least, we are doing the right thing.

It isn't much of a stretch for the imagination to say that we will be much relieved when this season in our lives is over. We continue reminding each other of the reasons that we're doing this even as we try to imagine what it will feel like to be at home... wherever we end up. Until that time though, we are soldiering on and hoping that we will be able to get back to a somewhat normal routine, for ourselves and our kids, very soon.


  1. Don't lose hope! We just sold our house in the metro earlier this fall. It was on the market all summer (April-August) and we had about 40 showings; with a 3 year old, a dog, and being pregnant, it was not easy keeping the house clean or getting out of it all the time! However, we did sell the house eventually and we were told that the 4 months we had it on the market was a quick sale! Keep plugging away. I know how annoying it is, but the right buyer for you is out there somewhere and your dream house is just waiting for you to make an offer :)

    1. Thanks Andrea! A lot of the frustration we're experiencing right now is because our realtor is putting a lot of pressure on us to drop the price again and we're just not comfortable with that yet. Seems like a constant battle with her right now. Oh well! We'll stick it out and hopefully end up with something that fits our family perfectly when it's all said and done!!

  2. So glad to read this today :-) We will continue to pray for you guys and the home selling/home buying process!!!