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February 18, 2013


Despite being raised in the snowy north for my entire life and having no desire to leave on a permanent basis, I've been desperately jonesing for spring these last few days. There's something to be said for winter- the chilly air that rushes into your lungs, the sledding, the skating, even the snowball fights- but even with all of the fun that this season inevitably brings, I can't help but wish for birds chirping and flowers blooming.

I'm a white Christmas kind of gal, but by the time that February rolls around, I'm clicking through photos of tropical locations on the Internet and trying to find an excuse to pack up two babies and fly to Hawaii for a few months. (Still working on that one...) In the meantime, I have the heat in my house cranked up to an ungodly temperature and I'm wearing summer dresses. My husband may claim that it's a sauna, but I'm preparing for summer and the heatwaves that will be washing over us just as soon as the snow starts to melt. Dear summer, come quickly.

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