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February 12, 2013

Her Valentine

Her Valentine
On our way home from our anniversary trip a couple weeks ago, we planned a stop in Duluth to coincide with the annual Father Daughter Valentine Ball. I wrote about this tradition last year and how I had grown up with it, loving the opportunity to go out for a special night with my Dad and sister each year. It was a wonderful evening that we always looked forward to, filled with dancing, special food, and time with our friends who were accompanied by their fathers.

Just like last year, Evelyn was accompanied by her own Daddy. She had the perfect date- he happily went along with running around, dancing with her, and snuggling her when she was finally too tired to be on her feet any longer.

Evenings like this one make me so grateful to have a little girl and the kind of husband who would want to go out of his way to make the night so special for her. Someday, I hope she looks back on these nights with the same glowing memories that I do of my own childhood... and I hope she appreciates her Daddy just as much as I do mine!

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