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February 5, 2013


Hiking in the Cold
Oberg Loop
Hiking Man
Frozen Falls
After the better part of a week spent relaxing, our little family is back home and getting back into our daily schedule. The days away were so needed, especially with the stress that accompanies putting a house on the market while raising two spunky (and quite often villainous) children.

Since we alternate years planning our trips, Jonathan was surprised this year with a trip up the North Shore where we rented a little home on the lake and used it as our base camp for lots of outdoor fun and exploring nearby towns. It couldn't have been more of an adventure... especially the negative twenty degree windchill. Hiking in that kind of weather is, shall we say, motivational. Move, admire an overlook or scenic view, and then count how many toes you can feel.

Adventure! In the North! In January!

Being born and bred in long underwear country, both of us understand the vital importance of layers and, yes, even breaking out that long underwear on an anniversary trip. Frostbite isn't sexy. 

Even though our trip was full of hiking and defrosting chilly limbs after outdoor excursions, the best part of the trip was being with my husband. It's amazing how things change after children are added to the mix, but the time alone really reminded us of why we were so attracted to each other in the first place. It was refreshing to be able to relive some of our carefree days and to get away from the world for a little while...

And it was lovely, but so is being back together as a family again. There's just something about kissing little cheeks before they get tucked in at the end of the night and cuddling with my husband in the ensuing silence. 

The last four years have been wonderful, filled with babies, job changes, and learning to be a family of four, all while growing the relationship between Jonathan and I. It's been a lot of work and very challenging, but one of the most rewarding things either of us have ever done. These have been some amazing years... and we're hoping for many, many more!

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