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February 11, 2013

And a Snowman Named Train

Train the Snowman
Snowy Snuggles
While the rest of the country was stocking up on non-perishable food and bracing for the apocalypse, some of us in Minnesota were outside and busying ourselves teaching the youngest members of the family how to make snow angels and how to start a snowball fight. In all fairness, I know that a good portion of the country was without power from the storm, but growing up in rural long underwear country, we lost power regularly. Kerosene lanterns, people. They're not just for decoration anymore!

So in the midst of the snow and slush, we bundled up and headed out to the great outdoors. Nathaniel immediately dove for his shovel and Evelyn begged to be picked up and kept out of the snow. To her credit, though she is admittedly a bit of an indoor girl at this point, she trooped through the snow with a much better attitude than the last time we attempted snow play. It may or may not have had something to do with the fact that we put her back in her baby snowsuit just for simplicity, but it was still a win that included a little jig as I celebrated the best money we had spent on a baby product in a good, long time.

Since the snow was so wet, we quickly set about making a snowman with the kids. Nathaniel weighed in heavily about the snowman's eyes and Jonathan insisted on creating a nice smile for him. When asked what we should call him, Nathaniel informed us all that he wanted to name the snowman after one of his toys. We asked which toy he had in mind and without hesitation, he replied, My train. Thus, Train the Snowman was born.

As I sit typing this tonight, it's actually raining outside. I'm not sure how Train is faring in the weather, but I can only hope that he survives until morning. And if not, all snowmen go to heaven, right?

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