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February 7, 2013

Anatomy of a Dinner

Zucchini Dinner
Zucchini Part 2
Zucchini Part 3
Twenty-odd years after I sat at the dinner table, refusing to eat my vegetables, I can look back at that night like it was yesterday. I defiantly sat there, calling out to my mother and telling her, I will never make MY kids eat their vegetables! Oh seven-year-old Alyssa, if only you knew.

I wouldn't normally grab my camera to document something like this, but this happened to coincide perfectly with a night when I made a side of zucchini to go with our dinner, something that both kids had happily eaten in the past. This particular night, unfortunately, things didn't go quite according to plan and what was a peaceful dinner quickly dissolved into ear-piercing shrieks that I had made the zucchini too spicy as though I had snuck a few tablespoons of cayenne into Nathaniel's dinner just to spite him.

Oh Nathaniel, consider this a favor that I'm doing for you. In twenty-odd years, you too can look back on the zucchini that you were convinced was toxic waste and be grateful that I made you eat your veggies. And then you can turn around and give your kids The Look when they try to pull the same move on you. You're welcome.


  1. We had the same zucchini episode this week, too! Josiah and Lucia refused to touch it because I "didn't cut it like french fries," like I usually do. Both kids got to practice their gag reflex that evening.

    1. Honestly, what is it about zucchini that does this!? It's not stringy like celery or anything funky about it!