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January 28, 2013

While You Were Out

Family Time
Family Time
Family Time
Family Time
We have quickly learned that weekends are synonymous with being kicked out of our house for showings, sometimes with a couple hours' notice which leaves little time for grand adventuring plans. When the mood strikes, we've been heading over to our local community center to save ourselves the headache (and germ cesspool) of going to the mall.

This last weekend we made one such trip, grabbed a basketball from the front desk, and goofed off for the better part of an hour in the gymnasium. Jonathan practiced his three-point shot and I established once and for all why I never play basketball. The kids thought that running around the gym was heaven on earth, especially now that it's winter and regularly reaching zero degrees around here. So whether or not we have the need, there will be many more community center trips this season... at least until frostbite goes out of style and we're seeing green grass once more.


  1. I will be dreading this in a couple months, mainly because we are a one car family. Have you had many showings during the work week?

    1. It really depends on the week. This morning, I got a call saying that someone wanted to see our house in an hour. THAT wasn't so fun but it really seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Most showings have been on the weekend.