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January 1, 2013

Welcome, 2013!

Happy New Year! Tonight, Jonathan and I spent our evening finishing some last-minute birthday party preparations, tucking our littles into their beds and then enjoying some quiet time reminiscing over the past twelve months while we sipped champagne and rang in 2013.

The last year brought about a lot of unexpected things for our family, including everything from some pretty challenging family health issues to decisions about uprooting our family and trying to find a new home. It was a big year and if the past twelve months were any indication, this coming year will be another big one for us as we (hopefully) find the right place to settle down with our wee ones while Jonathan begins a new position at work and our firstborn will be starting school. And hopefully somewhere in there, I'll find the time to fold some laundry and build the most epic Duplo castle ever known to mankind.

Today, we will be celebrating the beginning of 2013 with our little man's birthday and a sugar coma. After all, if we can eat our way through an entire cake in one day, it leaves just enough time to start all of those resolutions on January second.

Happy New Year, folks! And does anybody want to help us with this cake?

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