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January 9, 2013

Toasty Toes

Toasty Jacket
Last week, I featured a few pictures of my sister and I. The day that we spent outside was bitterly cold but I was toasty down to my toes (minus my fingers and face that were exposed to the absolutely frigid elements, of course). The nice, warm feeling that I was enjoying was all thanks to my sweet husband... or the dramatic sugar cookie overdose that had taken place the day before.

Prior to Christmas, I had been wearing a fall jacket around everywhere that I went. It was so comfortable but it had no warmth to it whatsoever, so the prospect of going outside for anything was unsettling at best, even for this Minnesota gal who was born and bred in long underwear country. Thankfully, I have a husband who was noticing that my chattering teeth was probably not conducive to the whole braces process. (He's also very adept at getting my hints about holidays, especially when I send them directly to his inbox.)

Bless that man, I now have a wool winter coat and this jacket is plenty warm. It's got all of my requirements for a great winter coat, including the heat factor, the cute sleeves, and the hood- a necessity for the spring slush season. Now I'm bracing for the rest of the winter, thanking our lucky stars for a white Christmas, and hoping that the snow sticks around a bit longer than last year!

Jacket: Spiewak Milligan Coat, purchased during Cyber Monday sale from (non-affiliate link)

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