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January 2, 2013

Proof That I Still Wear Jeans

Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans
Since last July when I made it my personal goal to embrace dresses and a more adult manner of clothing, pretty frocks have been one of my biggest wardrobe staples. Dressing up has made putting myself together much more enjoyable in the past six months and it's something I hope to continue, but since I've been striving for a well-rounded wardrobe, I wanted to share a couple pictures of how I've been dressing up my old jeans as well.

Thanks to a few pretty blouses, these jeans have been making a regular appearance in my wardrobe once again. They're oh so comfortable and wearing them (and a pair of toasty warm mukluks) is rapidly becoming a winter necessity around these parts. After all, a gal can only take so many gusts of freezing cold wind up her skirt before wishing for something a tad warmer.

While I certainly won't be forsaking my love of frocks anytime soon, it's nice to know that I have this old pair of pants as a trusty standby. On those days where my thermometer registers a number with a nice little negative in front of it, this blue pair will be coming out of hibernation in my closet... but as for the rest of the days? Odds are that you'll still see me in a dress!

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