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January 3, 2013

Ole! Ole!

Birthday Cake
Earlier this week, we celebrated Nathaniel's third birthday. Oh my, was it ever an Event. We had a friend party for his little acquaintances which included the ever-popular Pin the Tail on the Donkey and a piƱata that coordinated perfectly with the construction-theme of the party. Following the shenanegains that happened during what can only be described as an eardrum-piercing gaggle of three-year-olds, we had some close family members over to the house and remembered the days when we used to be able to pick Nathaniel up and hold him without dislodging a vertebra.

I have one phrase for the doubters... 4T/5T. That's the size my barely three-year-old kid is wearing now. He is thoroughly in 4T pants and is very comfortable in 5T shirts. And yes, we've had to start the occasional shopping foray into the boys' clothing section of the store, accompanied by lots of hand-holding and kleenex for this mama because how did he get so big so quickly?!

So while I am recovering from this worldwide conspiracy to make my kid grow up too fast, I'll be squeezing my little boy extra tight this week and hoping that all the talk about being a "big boy" will somehow be enough to turn the tide of the tantrums. And if it's not... well, I'll just be over in the corner rocking back and forth while clutching his baby blanket and whispering that four will be the magical age. Somebody convince me this is true. Please.


  1. Garrett wears 4T tops and 3T bottoms. ;) Our boys are getting big! Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

  2. aw! hope he had a great 3rd birthday! that cake is amazing!!!