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January 17, 2013

Little Teeth

Months ago, I wrote about experiences with our resident Chippy, otherwise referred to here as my son who thought that diving onto the arm of our futon would make for a pleasant and restful evening. Needless to say, that experience led to our very first dental visit for some x-rays and an exam. Recently, we had the joy of going back to those toy-laden offices for Nathaniel's very first tooth cleaning, something I looked forward to with the anticipation of getting a tetanus shot or being punched in the face.

Given my feelings about dental visits, I was understandably nervous, but by the time we got there, my kiddo was so pumped up about the dentist counting his teeth and getting to use a special toothbrush like his spinning Thomas toothbrush at home that keeping his enthusiasm in check became the greatest challenge. Add to that one of the sweetest hygenists in the entire world who showed Nathaniel all of her tools and this quickly became a completely successful experience.

Mercifully, my fears never materialized (though I wish I could say the same for the little girl who was sitting in the next chair over from my little guy). Nathaniel sat quietly through the entire appointment, enjoying all the attention and the SpongeBog sunglasses that were on loan to him from Miss Ann.

So although I may pass some of my quirks onto my children, hopefully my fear of the dentist's office won't be one of those, especially when the dental visits conclude by picking a toy out of the prize basket. One dental visit down... and someone is counting the days until he gets to pick out another toy!

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