January 21, 2013


This past weekend was a whirlwind of homes; sharing ours with the world and exploring one that we hoped would be the right one for our family. We're rapidly discovering how exhausting this process can be between chasing after the kids to clean up toys before showings, to the emotional toll of searching for the perfect place for our family to land.

The house that we saw this weekend was surprising, in more ways than one. In many ways, it is our dream home on multiple acres of property with spacious and gorgeous outbuildings. The area is rich with history and beauty, a place where I could imagine us settling into with ease. And yet, as much as we would love to dream a dream of perfection, we landed hard in reality when we walked upstairs and found the bedrooms covered in mold and freezing from ice dams on the roof.

It was a frustrating turn of events, but a little good news made the disappointment easier to swallow when we heard that our realtor had found a family interested in our house. We still have a few hoops to jump through to finalize things, but we're hopeful that the agonizing process of showings will be over soon. Until then, we'll be spending our time scouring the internet for the right house and hoping against hope that we can chalk this one up as signed, sealed, and delivered very (very) soon!

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