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December 10, 2012

Winter. Boom.

Winter Wear
Winter Wear
Winter Wear
It's official: winter has struck! When Jonathan and I ventured out to take some photos this past weekend, we had just received a dusting of snow... but shortly after these photos were taken, we were buried under a foot of snow. MY KIND OF WINTER.

I'm partially excited because it's finally cold enough to break out Jonathan's Christmas gift to me from last year, a pair of mukluks. These babies are the best for keeping my toes warm in the snow, which means that they will quickly become my only shoes until next April. The other excitement, however, comes in the form of twenty miniature fingers that are about to be taught how to build a snowman, how to craft a snow angel, and most importantly, how to build a strategically-placed snow fort to ambush Daddy with snowballs when he comes home. It's the important things in life, people.

For now, I'm just grateful that it looks as though we'll be getting a white Christmas after all. Seeing brown grass last December just made everything seem off, so I'll be ratcheting up the Christmas tunes around our house and embracing Old Man Winter like a long lost friend.

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