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December 11, 2012

The Selection Process

Tree Hunting
Tree Hunting
Tree Hunting
Tree Hunting
Tree Hunting
We recently schlepped our newly-healthy selves down to the local hardware store for the annual tree-selection process with the hope that we would find one pre-lit and decorated that would sate the toddler's irrepressible appetite for CHRISTMAS! Unfortunately, Home Depot doesn't cater to the exhausted parent demographic, so we let the toddler choose a tree.

Choosing apparently involved wandering amongst and under the boughs, as well as dragging several out onto the concrete. The employees were not amused... but we thought it was pretty hilarious, mostly because Jonathan and I were giddy that everybody was actually healthy enough to be out of the house. Incidentally, that's what we're wishing for this Christmas season- HEALTHY KIDS. Please remind Santa of this when Nathaniel starts preschool in the fall.

After finally selecting a tree, we brought it home and promptly did absolutely nothing to it until Sunday night when I dragged a box of ornaments out into the living room while we were waiting for dinner to cook. It took a lot for me to open that box this year, since I had seriously considered just adorning the tree with lights and letting her stand. But once I started thinking about my childhood Christmas memories, I couldn't help but think how my parents had made each and every Christmas so special with decorating cookies, gifts, and ornaments on the tree.

Knowing that the ornaments would undoubtedly be stripped from any branch that Evelyn could reach, I bucked up my courage and handed out decorations, determined to make Christmas as memorable for my own kids as my parents did for theirs. As I write this several hours later, the lower branches of our tree are pretty bare thanks to my sweet darling, but watching Nathaniel's excitement as we hung each ornament made the entire experience (and the fact that they have already tipped the tree over twice this season) entirely worthwhile.

So if you come over to our house this Christmas, expect to see ornaments scattered around my living room floor and our tree anchored to the railing like yelling TIMBER! is going out of style. It's not a traditional sense of decoration, but at least it'll be memorable.


  1. Love the Bentleyville hat! ;-) merry Christmas from a fellow Minnesotan!

    1. Thanks Jen! Gotta love Bentleyville (and the fact that they're going to be doing it for a few more years at least)! Have a great start to the new year!!