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December 5, 2012

The Old Root Cellar

Old Root Cellar
Old Root Cellar
Old Root Cellar
Old Root Cellar
Growing up, we lived out in the country. It was great because there were so many fun places to see and new things to discover. One day while we were out hiking behind our house, we stumbled across an old root cellar, the last remains of a stone house that was built by some of the Minnesota settlers.

As kids, my sister and I loved this spot just because it was so old and unique and, in keeping with tradition, the last time that we were up north, Jonathan and I took Nathaniel on a little hike of our own. We tromped through the woods, over fallen logs and under thick canopies of pine trees, until the little guy spotted the cellar (which, to the imagination of a little boy, apparently looked exactly like a ship).

The excitement of my little boy brought back all of the fun memories of my own childhood spent exploring the woods. He walked all around and (carefully) went inside the cellar, wondering at every boy's dream of an old fort. Nathaniel would've played there for hours, but soon it was time to hike back to the house and to his sweet little sister to tell her of all of the fun they would have in the years to come.


  1. He looks so excited! Love it! Hope you guys are all healthy again!

    1. Verna, he LOVED it! He's really excited to go back! And yes, we are all healthy again... finally. Now if we can only stay that way...