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December 27, 2012

Grateful for Him

Barn Days
Barn Days
Barn Days
These days surrounding Christmas have been busy, including some last-minute shopping, searching for schools for our little man, and celebrating the season with friends. Undoubtedly, this is my favorite time of year for the sheer excitement of spending special time with our closest family and friends, but also to sneak in a little extra time with my husband.

We were lucky enough to have a couple extra hours last week to enjoy together after interviewing/being interviewed at several potential schools. We spent those luxurious hours snapping a few pictures and sipping nice, hot coffee. Honestly folks, this guy is the greatest. He took an entire day of his vacation time to check out schools for our kids and by the time it was all said and done, he was really excited about how we could both get involved with their education. Once the admissions process is said and done, we'll share more about choosing a school for our littles, but for now I'm so grateful for the kind of guy who would dedicate his free time to making sure our kids get the education we're dreaming of for them. Love you, babe.

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