December 12, 2012

Caffeinated Hearts

Coffee Date
Coffee Date
Recently, Jonathan and I found a few minutes without the kids to sneak away for a cup of coffee. Those moments always go by too quickly and though I always look forward to picking the kids back up, I never feel like the time that I have with my husband is quite enough.

I think that part of that comes from the fact that we didn't have much time just the two of us after we got married before we started a family, but the early arrival of our kids has also made me appreciate the time together that we have in much deeper manner. I really value the time that we can sneak away together, however brief, just to be able to have a conversation without dodging a projectile sippy cup or trying to be heard above the whining of one child who is leaving toddlerhood and another who is entering it with a vengeance.

So although our marriage consists of tag-teaming timeout duties on a daily basis, we so look forward to the time that we have together. It's great for a little refreshment, a break from playing good cop/bad cop, and it reminds us why we fell in love and started a family together in the first place. Here's to coffee dates, babe. May there be many, many more.


  1. Love this idea- I look forward to when I can go back out on dates with my husband!

    1. We value our dates pretty highly too! Definitely a hot commodity with the little people running around!!