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November 22, 2012

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Table Setting
This Thanksgiving, we're celebrating up north with my family and relaxing for a few days before heading back home for two more doses of turkey before the weekend is done. We will be hibernating for the rest of the winter from the tryptophan overdose, but it's going to be worth it for those three amazing meals!

Last year, I wrote about the things I was thankful for and this year the list is much the same. I'm grateful for our families and friends that we've drawn closer to over the last twelve months. I'm thankful for my God and this holiday season that comes with a special remembrance of what it all means. But this year, with two toddlers who push me to my limit each day, I'm grateful for a little extra grace. Some days, that comes in the form of a little boy's hug at the end of a trying day. Others appear as an exclamation of Mommy, I love you! when I feel as though I've failed and reacted poorly. My wee ones continue to surprise me with what they understand and in those moments of trial, that grace is just enough.

Whatever your plans for this holiday, please remember to pause and be thankful. And if you're getting ready for a turkey marathon like we are, pack those stretchy pants in your suitcase. You'll thank me later.

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