November 12, 2012

The Terrible Two's: Nookie Edition

Stuffed Friends
Awhile back, I wrote on the Facebook page for this blog, bemoaning the fact that we had begun the process of taking away Nathaniel's pacifier. It was bad, as though all the horrible parts of toddlerhood had suddenly come crashing down around us. If I hadn't known better, I would've thought that they were filming another Paranormal Activity film in the toddler's bedroom.

Oh, the screaming.

It all began when the little guy chewed a hole into what I decided was his last pacifier. For months, I had been warning him that when it broke it would be gone, but nothing could've prepared my eardrums for the shrieks that followed when I gingerly laid the nuk to rest in it's garbage can coffin.

It was four days and nights of no sleep... for anyone but Evelyn. Every few hours at night, Jonathan and I were up calming the little man down, snuggling him up with his stuffed animals, and drying tears. Naptime was no easier.

Day five dawned and we began to see a slow change. Instead of his life or death reliance on the pacifier, he was more concerned about what stuffed animal he could sleep with or if he would be allowed to take two toy cars to bed instead of just one. He still asked if he could have his nuk, but his head no longer spun in complete circles when we said no.

Now, several weeks out, I'm relieved to say that Nathaniel no longer needs the pacifier. We've developed a new routine through all of this, something I highly recommend to other parents who are suffering through the same process. In lieu of a nuk, Nathaniel is allowed to have his two stuffed animals in bed with him (Horsie and Mickey). These two animals are the utmost personification of a little boy, since they regularly get cold at night if they aren't completely tucked-in under the blankets. Many a night, we are called back into our son's bedroom after laying him down to tuck his friends back in if the covers get rumpled.

Somehow, I don't mind tucking Horsie back in with my little boy, even if it means that I am rolling out of my toasty bed to do it. It's awfully cute to hear Nathaniel ask me to tuck them all in together and I know that these days are numbered. We've officially kicked the nuk habit. Maybe tomorrow we'll kick diapers altogether.

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  1. We did the exact same thing when Brayden quit the paci. He has his stuffed moose tucked in with a blankie right beside him. And I seriously HATE tucking that moose back in, but hey-- eventually, he will outgrow that too.