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November 27, 2012

The Sleeping Cities

Sleeping Cities
Sleeping Cities
Sleeping Cities
Sleeping Cities
On my way home from a night out recently, I swung by one of the bridges in the Twin Cities to snap a few photos. That one photo stop led to several others across the city, enjoying the luxury of some time to myself with the camera. It was so much fun, exploring what our cities look like while most everyone is fast asleep.

I love adventuring with my kids and watching them discover new things, but I had forgotten how much I loved to explore new places by myself. Even though it called for a late-night, I'm going to have to do this every once in awhile- just to get out and take myself on a little adventure.


  1. Such a fun idea! I need to get out and do stuff like this more often, instead of just ending up at Target at 9pm every other night of the week.

    1. Target... the story of my life :) This was pretty unusual for me too, but man it was sure fun!