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November 28, 2012

Baby, It's Freezing Outside

Tree Cutting
Tree Cutting
Last weekend after we had stuffed ourselves to the max with turkey, it was time for the cutting of the Christmas tree. Naturally, in our rush out the door on our way up north, both Jonathan and I had neglected to bring proper tree-cutting attire for ourselves or the kids, so we cobbled together the best we could and improvised where needed. If you look at Nathaniel's feet in the top image, you'll notice duct tape and plastic bags that we taped over wool socks which went over his regular socks and shoes. Temporary boots, people. That's how we roll... that, and snowballs with Aunty Anna.

Despite the chilly temperatures, a tree was finally selected and chopped down with the chainsaw, something that thrilled the toddler to no end, though the best part of the entire event was hearing his little voice shout TIMBER! at it's maximum volume as the tree gave up it's ghost. For me, it brought back memories of cutting trees with my cousins as a child, building snow forts, throwing snowballs, and the obligatory Perkins run to warm ourselves back up after driving the adults to the edge of their sanity and back.

Though we'll most likely be getting our tree from a tree lot this season, it made me smile that my little ones are getting to experience the fun of a tradition I so loved as a child. We may not be breaking out our chainsaw this year, but there was fun in the snow nonetheless.


  1. I miss cutting down trees with you guys!

    1. We miss tree cutting with you too!!! We used to make some awesome forts in the snow, remember? :)