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October 24, 2012

Window Frames

Window Selfie
I'm not a big fan of lugging around a lot of camera equipment. When the kids and I go out, I usually stop just long enough to grab my camera and then we're out the door. While this leaves me with some pretty fun photos of the wee ones, it means that the photos I have of myself with them are few and far between. So I've been embracing the window self-portrait lately as a fun way of capturing moments in my life that don't involve the use of a tripod (or perilously balancing my camera on whatever happens to be nearby).

It's true that window photographs don't come out nearly as perfect as a true portrait, but I kind of like the imperfections, especially the little flecks on the window that always show through in the end. It's very real and true to the memory of that particular day, something I will enjoy much longer than the picture will last!


  1. I have never taken a window photograph but I'm going to try this! I'm usually out solo with the kids too and behind the camera;)

    1. It's a fun thing to try! I'm going to have a post coming up in the next few weeks with some tips on how to take the best window portraits :)