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October 10, 2012

Peek into My Wardrobe

While there is zero chance that I want to turn this blog into a fashion-only site (largely because I would only part with my sweatpants upon pain of death), a few of you have inquired about some of the clothes I've been wearing lately that have appeared on the blog or on Facebook. So because y'all have asked about it and because I refuse to wear anything that can't withstand a handful of spaghetti (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, EVELYN), here's a peek into my wardrobe lately.
Dressing the Part
One: Modcloth Shirt/Two: Ice Cream Earrings/Three: BKE Skinny Jeans/Four: Target Cami/Five: Pretty Rings/Six: Lace-up Boots
Pssst! You can see me wearing this outfit in this post.

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