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October 2, 2012

Graffiti and Cheese

Graffiti Cheese


Tractor Play Break
Lunch Break
Changes Everything
Hi to Mommy
Yesterday, the kids and I headed out for an adventure walking around town. We visited a few of my favorite photo destinations, posed ourselves silly, and even did a bit of thrifting. Once lunchtime rolled around and the little man was practically salivating at every restaurant we passed, we stopped to share a little personal-sized pizza.

After lunch, we wandered a bit further, stopping for the obligatory cries of DIGGER! from the toddler (hello, construction season in Minnesota). We saw dogs, billboards, and even a school bus... all of which were highlights for the little people. But for me, I was just grateful for the chance to get outside and enjoy what might be our last gasp at warm weather before the cold strikes with a vengeance later this week. Hold on to your parkas boys and girls... it's going to be a long winter!


  1. Love them! Where is that big blue wall? We are getting family photos taken this week, and that wall would be great for our son's baby blues. :)

    1. Thanks Caitlin! We took all of the pictures in uptown and they were all within walking distance of each other. The blue wall is in an alley a couple blocks west of the W Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue S intersection! Enjoy your photos- hope they turn out for you!!