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October 9, 2012


Well, it wouldn't be life in our house if we weren't dealing with some sort of injury from the toddler, right? I mean, we've had a gash on the forehead, acetone in the eyes, staples in the head, and now a broken tooth. AND HE'S NOT EVEN THREE YET. Pretty soon, we're going to be on a first-name basis with our local ER staff. We'll just walk in and they'll be all, Oh it's the Gamlins again! Welcome back! We have a room reserved for you. Right this way...

As I mentioned before, Jonathan was gone for most of last week on a camping trip and I was practically giddy that everything had gone so smoothly at home while he was away. The dishes were done! The laundry was (half) folded! The kids were alive! Huzzah!

I forgot, just for a moment, that I am parenting Destructo.

As I was bravely attempting to make my way through the second half of the laundry pile, the kids were playing across the room. Nathaniel, who had been sitting calmly on our futon just a moment earlier, leapt to his feet and started jumping around. Since his new favorite game is to throw himself down onto his stomach on every couch or bed in sight, he began flinging his body around like a monkey on speed. The words be careful were on my lips as I saw him dive toward me, grin plastered on his face.


His mouth hit the metal arm of the futon, taking the full force of the blow. I dropped the laundry and ran over to my sobbing little boy. He was screaming and crying in my arms when I noticed that part of his front tooth was missing, lying on the arm of our futon in a fine white powder.

With a little help from Evelyn and Thomas the Train, he calmed down pretty quickly, telling me in no uncertain terms that his boo boo hurt. Naturally, I jumped on the phone with the hubs who was on his way home and then proceeded to call the emergency line at our dental office.

The next morning, after talking up how FUN! and EXCITING! and WHAT A TREAT! it would be to go to the dentist's office, we showed up at the front desk. I was practically quaking in my boots since I vehemently hate dental visits myself and was deathly afraid that Nathaniel's first experience would be a page out of Dr. Kevorkian's playbook. I was picturing all the years ahead of us with dental cleanings, holding down a screaming child. Ear-splitting shrieks. Getting shanked in the side with an exam mirror. Good times.

But, thank heavens, there was a little grace extended to my sweet boy. The dentist he saw was kind and the nurse even more considerate. They were gentle as they examined and counted his teeth, and I was even permitted to stay in the room to hold his hand while he had an x-ray to check for root damage. All in all, it was pretty successful. AND NOBODY GOT STABBED WITH AN EXAM MIRROR!
Now, the toddler has been awarded another trip to the dentist in a couple months for a checkup on that chipped tooth and to have his very first cleaning. I'll be holding my breath the entire appointment and crossing all digits in the hope that my offspring doesn't learn to loathe the dentist like I do. And in the meantime, I will be quietly chuckling at his new smile because as much as I wish I could go back and spare him the pain of breaking his tooth, he still looks pretty darn cute. After all, he is Destructo and this is just so perfectly him.


  1. This put a smile on my face while waiting for Nathan to get out of surgery, thank you :-)

    1. I'm glad! And we're thinking of and praying for you guys!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Julie :) We're just grateful it wasn't the WHOLE tooth!