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October 18, 2012

Adventuring, Part 2

Circus Sign
Bad Boys, Bad Boys
Airplane Boy
After discovering a few of the coolest features of the antique park on Tuesday, we finally headed up to the antique store itself. Those of you who have been reading for awhile remember that we've previously had disastrous results when combining the volatile solution of toddler and breakables, most notoriously our Goodwill experience. As such, we've been pretty religious about avoiding thrift stores, antique stores, or anywhere a you break it, you buy it policy might be enacted.

I made an exception to our rule earlier this week, figuring that Nathaniel might just be so terribly excited from the experience of getting to sit in a real tow truck and a train car that he might allow me to browse the breakables for a few minutes. Holding my breath that we wouldn't encounter one of those HULKSMASH! toddler moments, we walked through the store.

We were upstairs when Nathaniel turned to me and was all, Look at all the cool things, Mommy! And when we stopped to check out the blankets, he looked me straight in the face and was all, Do you want to put the blanket in my room, Mommy? Needless to say, it was fantastic experience, especially the part where nothing was destroyed in a blaze of tantrum fury and where my little guy kept his hands to himself. Since then, I've been devising plans to go back just as soon as I have a free day to myself when I can actually take the time to look through the heaps of goodies. Thank goodness for antique treasure troves.


  1. Where is this place? It's awesome! My boys would love the vehicles! : )

    1. It's down on the south side of the Twin Cities. It's called Hot Sam's Antiques. It's a fantastic place to walk around and let the kids explore the old vehicles and train cars!