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October 17, 2012

Adventuring, Part 1

It Was All Yellow
Jake's Junk
Popeye With Mommy
Yesterday, the wee ones and I headed out under cloudy skies to embark on an adventure. Knowing that these days without school or time-sensitive responsibilities for the little ones are numbered, heading out our front door just to see what we can see is one of our favorite activities.

On this particular adventure, we found a treasure trove of antiques that the kids walked through for hours upon hours. Their excitement- especially Nathaniel's exclamations of LOOK, MOMMY! A TRAIN! A TRUCK! A DIGGER!- were utterly contagious and I found myself laughing right along with them as we whiled away the hours. Finally, soaked from the rain and thoroughly ready for nap time, we headed home with happy memories of our morning.

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday! I'll be back tomorrow with a few more pictures of our adventure and tales about the toddler's general feeling toward antiques.


  1. What a neat place? Where is this?

  2. What a neat place? Where is this?

    1. Thanks Karla! It's a place called Hot Sam's Antiques on the south side of the cities. There are some great places to play with little ones and some amazing antiques in the store! Highly recommended!

  3. Thanks! Will definitely have to check this place out!