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September 26, 2012

The Last Campfire

Boot Weather
Evie and Daddy
Smiles from the Little Man
Fall Colors
Flowers from the Toddler
Voyageurs Food Display
Voyageurs Pipes Display
Sleepy Hiker
This past weekend, we packed up our snowsuits, tent, and some marshmallows and headed out for one last camping trip with our little family before the snow flies. This trip, we were lucky enough to be joined by my in-laws and the wee ones took full advantage of the extra snuggles and piggyback rides.

It was a fabulous weekend, filled with hiking in the gorgeous fall colors, handfuls of flowers from my sweet little boy, and even a park-sponsored display of old voyageur equipment. As wonderful as it was though, I won't lie... it was COLD. So cold, in fact, that we all went to bed fully dressed with as many layers on as possible (and for the littles, that meant wearing clothes under their snowsuits or jackets). But now that we're home and warm once again, I can't help feeling that we're going to miss tenting until next spring because it was a camping season to remember! This year alone, we braved the outdoors with the wee ones doing countless hikes, starting campfires, and killing a grand total of four air mattresses in the duration of a single summer. One can only imagine what next season will bring!

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