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September 11, 2012

Our Story in Photos, Part 2

With Momma
Dirt Play
Mammoth Hot Springs
Ice Cream Bounty
Souvenir Bear
Sleepy Carriers
Snuggles with Mommy
Climbing Long's Peak
Climbing Long's Peak
Climbing Long's Peak
At the Top
At the Top
After rocking out our adventure in Yellowstone, we suffered through the ten hour drive with crabby children down south to Rocky Mountain National Park, our very favorite vacation spot. When we arrived, we met up with my parents and sister who would spend the next week camping and eating ridiculous amounts of ice cream with us.

Jonathan and I took advantage of having some free babysitting and completed one of the items on my bucket list by climbing Long's Peak, the tallest peak in RMNP. Without a doubt, the fifteen-mile climb was the most physically difficult thing I've ever done (ranking right up there with giving birth), but the view was so worthwhile and having completed it with my best friend made it even better. All in all, we finished the climb in thirteen hours and swore to each other that we would never, ever do it again... at least without bringing our climbing ropes for safety.

The other highlights of our trip included introducing the toddler to some pretty exciting wildlife, getting lost in a classic tourist town, and a sweet little girl's souvenir teddy bear that she just adored. It was definitely a good vacation, but as much as I love our daily life here in the suburbs, I can't help but to long for that county experience again...


  1. We went to Estes Park almost 2 years ago and I am longing to go back. My favorite place EVER I think!

    1. Oh, I LOVE going there too! If we ever move out of state, I would be sorely tempted to move there!!