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September 10, 2012

Our Story in Photos, Part 1

Holding Hands
Lunch Spot
Self Portrait in the Car Window
Wall Drug
Little Hiker
Old Faithful
Walking Practice
Reading the Sign
Stink Hole
Reaction to Stink Holes
Family... and a Toddler Belly
The two weeks that we spent in a little tent on vacation were huge for our family. It was a welcome relief from the daily ride we find ourselves on, racing to make dinner for little bellies before bath time and bed.

We began our adventure in the Badlands enjoying picnics with little shade and playtime in dry riverbeds. A few days later, we packed up our tent and headed down to Yellowstone National Park for a new set of experiences. We went hiking, saw Old Faithful, and Nathaniel even smelled his first stink hole which he now knows smells like "sulfhur."

And although it turned out to be pretty silly, the last photo is one of my favorites of our trip. A family photo, true Gamlin style. The adults looking at the camera, the baby trying to see what's going on, and the toddler showing off his belly to the world.

I'll be back tomorrow to share the rest of our trip with all of you (including the item that I can finally check off of my bucket list!) but for now, have a great Monday!

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