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August 17, 2012


Mama and Baby
Yesterday was a day for family and closeness as we attended the funeral for my grandmother and celebrated Evelyn's first birthday. It was strange to experience such highs and lows in the same day, but spending the day with some of our closest family made the day unforgettable.

It was a milestone for my sweet little girl and one for me too, as I looked back on the past year. One year of being the momma to a beautiful little girl. Twelve whole months of nursing my baby. Days upon days spent getting to know my littlest one's personality.

So for the girl whose favorite dinner is spaghetti sauce and chocolate cake, one year has passed and we're looking ahead to the next. Before we know it, she'll be walking, talking, and- God help us all- asking for Dora.


  1. How incredible! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  2. Thanks Tilly! It was definitely a memorable day but I think she enjoyed it :)