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August 1, 2012


Today is one of those days where I need to look at the simplicity and joy of this picture and completely block out everything else. Today is also one of those days where I feel worn thin by multiple days of sick children and terrible tantrums, the kind of day where I would give just about anything to lay down, block out the world and take a quick nap.

But then motherhood isn't that easy and it certainly doesn't come with break times. So this afternoon I'm being grateful for the quiet moments of coloring with the kids and putting train tracks back together.

For those of you wondering, things are still under construction here on the blog. While the layout has changed pretty drastically in the last twenty-four hours, things are still in-progress and other pages of this blog still have the old layout. So bear with me while I find a few minutes here and there to fix it up!

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