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July 10, 2012

When Lint Comes Alive

For those of you that remember, we recently waged WWIII against a small army of ants that had decided to nest in our bedrooms. For a few weeks, I was dousing every flat surface with Clorox and Terro and that seemed to do the trick. Following the demise of the ant colony, we instituted a strict No Cheerios in the Bedrooms policy that has been pretty effective for keeping six-legged creatures out of my domain. Until now.

Whether it was the scorching hot weather or the fact that I finally threw away the little Terro traps, THEY'RE BACK. At this point, I am seriously considering making a series of feature films about these invaders. They would have catchy titles like They're Back, They're Back 2, They're Back: With a Vengeance, and finally Live Free or They'll Come Back. With the possibility for endless sequels.

With the resurgence of bugs and my obsession with Terro, Nathaniel has become very aware of anything with six legs. We are on heightened alert here, folks. So earlier this week when I was in the middle of changing Evelyn's diaper and Nathaniel thought he spotted something moving in the other room, it was the code red.

Nathaniel: Mommy! Mommy! I see a bug!

Me: Okay sweetie. I'll be there in a minute.

Nathaniel: Mommy! It's a BUG!

Me: Nathaniel, I'm changing Evie's diaper. Just a second, honey!

Nathaniel: Mommy, it's scaring me!

Me: Nathaniel, it's okay. It's just a bug. It won't hurt you.


What was a thoroughly traumatic experience for all of us turned out to be caused by a little piece of fuzz on Nathaniel's bedroom floor. Oh, the excitement that can stem from a piece of lint.


  1. I got rid of a huge ant colony in my veggie garden by using cinnamon (they won't go near it) and splenda (they think it's sugar but it kills them)...I don't like using anything poisonous where my kids are involved. Anyway, thought I would share what worked for me! Good luck!

    1. Good to know- I wasn't aware that I could try Splenda! And as for the poisonous aspect, the nice thing is that most of the traps are out of Evelyn's reach- and the others are in places where she is never unsupervised. And Nathaniel isn't too fond of bugs (obviously) so he stays far, far away from the 'OISON. :)

  2. Yah, my girls would find a way to get into the poison somehow....they can be quite mischievous together!

    1. That's definitely not good! When we had our first round, we made a HUGE deal of teaching Nathaniel not to touch, eat, or play with the poison. He knows that only the bugs can eat it, thankfully. Honestly though, if he had a little buddy running around with him and egging him on, I would be a lot more worried about him getting into things! I can't even imagine the mischief of two!!