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July 16, 2012

When I Grow Up

There are times that being an adult is really very overrated like paying taxes, earning a paycheck, and responsibility. Oh, the RESPONSIBILITY. Whether you're a parent or not, being an adult suddenly becomes synonymous with car insurance and eating green vegetables. And then one day you wake up wondering what happened to the bright, shining ideal of adulthood that you had as a child. Remember those days? The days when you dreamed of choosing YOUR OWN BEDTIME.

My little guy is dreaming about all of the freedoms that come with going to school, riding a two-wheeler, and becoming the world's youngest spaceman. And when he started a conversation about all of the things he wanted to do, I put on my "encouraging mom" cap and gave my best attempt at making adulthood look bright and shiny.

Nathaniel: When I grow up?

Me: Yes, you can be anything you want to be when you grow up. You could be a doctor or a spaceman or a garbage man. Whatever you want to be!

Nathaniel: I want to be... A GROWN UP!

Oh, for the days before we all became jaded about parking tickets and grocery store runs. Maybe today I will skip those green veggies and stay up extra late. Being an adult has to pay off sometime, right?


  1. So true! And yet we will never be able to explain the true, deep joy that comes to us from having those sweet conversations with the littles...that's when being an adult is the best! Makes the responsibility sooo worth it!

    1. That's true... getting to be a mom to these wee ones does somehow make all of the responsibility and veggies worthwhile!

  2. I think Sophia is starting to think we have a lot of fun when she is down for bed, because lately she gets up to see what is going on. Oh if she only knew! They grow up too fast.

    1. Hahaha! We should let them in on the secret ;) Lately when I've put Nathaniel to bed, he asks if I'm going to do chores (which I usually am)... but he doesn't understand yet that doing dishes isn't a fun activity! Oh well!