July 17, 2012

Thank You, Shell

I've previously written about my feelings on Big Oil so when Shell handed me this little priceless little gem in the form of a billboard contest gone horribly wrong, let's just say that I had to share. From Shell to you, the afternoon's entertainment. Enjoy.
Shell 6
Shell 5
Shell 2
Shell 7
Shell 3
Shell 8
Shell 1
Shell 4
All photos were taken directly from Shell's website. To see more or to add your own, click here.

*As some of you suggested, this turned out to be a giant hoax engineered by Greenpeace to shed light on Shell's drilling project in the Arctic. Even though the campaign turned out to be fake... it was pretty effective in getting attention.


  1. I've seen this pop up on a few blogs and they always come back with a retraction that its actually a hoax. Just so you know:) Hilarious though!

    1. Well I'll definitely post a retraction if it is one... but you can take a peek over at Shell's website for contest info. Looks pretty reliable to me, though it IS so outrageous that it's definitely hard to believe :)

  2. Asked my dad about the pictures in your post, because it had me rather upset too.He gave me this link:


    1. Hahaha! What a great hoax! I'll update my post to show the new info :)