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July 11, 2012

Resolutions, Summer Style

So far, this summer has been filled to the brim with playtime, adventures, and lots of creative trips to locations that have air conditioning. On more than a few occasions, I've exclaimed to the toddler, "Let's go on an adventure... TO TARGET!" And thanks to Target's free cookie for kiddos policy, the little man is just as enthused about this particular outing as his mama.

Treats not withstanding, summer is nearly half over and before we're once again breaking out our parkas, I decided that we needed to be intentional about making the most out of these days. I'm not typically a goal person since I see New Year's resolutions as just another reason to stuff my face with chocolate cake, but when this summer rolled around, it just begged for a few changes. So in honor of the fact that we've had our air conditioner blasting at a rate that could turn Death Valley into an icicle, here are a few thoughts for our summer:

1. Embrace the fact that I am a lady. For me, this means wearing dresses and clothes that don't scream HELLO! I'M IN HIGH SCHOOL! I'm 25, not 13, and despite the fact that my sister and I were forced to wear dresses and tights to church for the first ten years of our lives (thus putting me off to dresses for the next fifteen years), I'm determined to embrace femininity this summer.

2. Get thee out of the icebox. Time to slather on the sunscreen, get outside, and expect to turn into a puddle of sweat on the sidewalk. It may be hotter than hell, but at least those sweat stains will make for some unforgettable childhood memories.

3. Do my best imitation of Martha Stewart. Minimize the amount of frozen pizzas and nights where the cooking responsibilities are shlepped into the husband's very capable hands on the grill. It might mean that we will be eating soup in ninety-degree weather, but I just call that embracing my inner Eskimo.

4. De-clutter. If you've been to my house and dared to open a drawer or closet, you've probably heard me yell TIMBER! just before you were buried in an avalanche of books, clothes, stamps, and pencils. While I've successfully kept a few closets organized, most of them bring an entirely new meaning to the words "federal disaster zone." Maid service or anything to get me out of this chore will be much appreciated.

5. Bring home my Pinterest page. For the last few months, I've been scouring my favorite websites to gather ideas on how to make my cookie-cutter house a unique home. This will undoubtedly involve lots of thrifting and a ridiculous amount of online shopping. Yay for me... lots of nervous pacing for my husband.

6. Adhere to our budget. See also: creative budgeting for #5.

7. Complete potty training with a certain toddler. When we broke out the baby potty, I did not sign up for scrubbing poo out of Lightening McQueen's face. Though we're mostly done with training, you better believe that if I have to slosh another pair of toddler underwear around in our toilet, we're going to start handing out some pretty hefty rewards for keeping our pants clean. Need a gallon of ice cream? Your own cell phone? WHO WANTS TO MEET MICKEY?!

8. Party like it's 1999. This August will be the little lady's first birthday, complete with an explosion of the color pink all over our house. Having watched every single episode of Cake Boss and convinced myself that I can make fondant just as well as a professional, I've deluded myself into thinking that a three-tiered cake is TOTALLY MANAGEABLE. Stay tuned for some epic cake disaster photos.

9. Avoid being eaten by bears. Sure, a two-week camping trip into the heart of the mountains with two kids under the age of three seems daunting, but when you consider that their diapers are so epic that they would drive away the fiercest of predators, even smearing yourself in peanut butter couldn't bring around a grizzly or two.

10. Zzz. For someone whose sleep debt is racking up faster than you can say Tylenol PM, getting some shut-eye is a luxury, not a necessity. This summer, I'm resolving to go to bed at a decent hour... and to stop claiming that watching another episode of Sister Wives is more critical than a hot date with my pillow.

These are just a few of the things we're aiming to accomplish before the snow flies and we're buried in our house once more until spring. Feel free to share some of your goals in the comments below... we're definitely looking for more fun ideas to add to our list in the coming weeks!


  1. Potty training is on my list, too. I pretty much hate it. And de-cluttering as well, but it's hard to do any DE-cluttering as the kids are just cluttering.

    1. Very true. It's amazing how much two little people can clutter when they don't actually own anything!