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July 6, 2012


Ride Longing
The Octopus
Airplane Ride
Cotton Candy
Climbing on the Coaster
Earlier this week, we braved the smoldering heat and headed out to a local carnival to check out some rides and eat a ridiculous amount of sugar. While the little man was thrilled beyond belief with the idea of flying in the airplane or riding the train, he was somewhat less than enthusiastic once they started up.

Thanks to this carnival, we currently have an adorable video of the little guy riding around the train track waving and smiling but on the third loop, Nathaniel burst into tears and then the ride ended really quickly. In the end, the Merry Go Round was the winner of the day with lots of animals and a parent ready at hand to snuggle if the horsies got a bit too scary.

Despite a few sniffles, it was a great day and a fun (albeit very hot) memory for us all. After all, there's nothing like a carnival to bring out the sugar high in a kiddo.

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