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July 26, 2012


Uber Slide
Hippity Hoppity
Flying High
Farm Building
Water Play
We recently braved a day trip with the wee ones that involved hundred degree heat, animals, and bouncy houses. Yes, we deserve some kind of uber parenting award for the day, but truth be told, we had just as much fun watching our kids embrace the adventure as they did running around petting animals and checking out the giant slide.

A few weeks ago, one of my Facebook friends posted a link to the Amaze'n Farmyard and as soon as I clicked through, I was hooked on the idea of taking our kids out for the day. Petting animals, a giant maze, and ICE CREAM?! Clearly, saying no was not an option, especially once I saw that they also sold puppies.

Puppies. And ice cream. And bunnies. Gimme an air five, people.

So we headed out to the farm for a sweaty day full of fun with the kids and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we petted fawns, goats, and bunnies. And though the giant maze may have required some ice cream bribery to prevent the immanent toddler meltdown, that too was a success... once we got back inside to the bouncy houses and ice cream.

All in all, another successful day for parenting. And despite my best efforts, we are still puppy-less, but I'm okay with that right now because I can really only handle one individual pooping on my living room carpet at a time. But once potty training is over, it's all fair game in puppy realm. And yes, I'm looking at you, Jonathan.


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    1. You should- it's fantastic! But be warned... they sell bunnies too. And they are awfully cute ;)