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June 21, 2012

It's Official

We spent last Saturday getting our cake-faces on with our good friends, the Cooks. Remember them? They are parenting this sweet little gal, who just so happened to be celebrating her second birthday. So while I have loads of adorable pictures of the birthday girl, frolicking babies, and Nathaniel blowing bubbles like they were the last bubbles on the entire planet, I can't share them with you... because I forgot my camera at the party.

Unfortunately, we aren't exactly next-door neighbors with the Cooks (though we've heard rumors that our current neighbors have plans to move, which has allowed much scheming on my part to find a way to get our friends much, much closer. Playdates! Babysitting! Couples game nights AFTER the littles are in bed. Oh, the luxury!) So until we lure them into moving get together again, I'm working off of my iPhone, which I was extremely grateful that I had in my hand yesterday afternoon when we had another big milestone at our house.

MOBILITY. In other words, it's time to channel my inner track-athlete and start hurdling the baby gates again.

Evelyn has been scooting, rolling, and screaming for her blocks to be moved within reach for months, but now none of her brother's toys are safe. If I believed in karma, I would point to all of the times that he has whacked her over the head with a board book or a plastic hammer and be all, She wants to play with your race car. Just try to stop her! But then he might put her in a headlock, which we're trying to discourage at least until she can roll her eyes and call, MOM! HE'S DOING IT AGAIN!
Click here to watch if you're using a mobile device.

And as a final note, yes, the toddler is offering me a pretend pine cone to eat at the end of the video. Currently, he is ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that we eat pine cones as a treat. Don't ask me where this came from, though I hope it isn't a dig at my cooking abilities which seem to have peaked with macaroni and cheese and frozen pizza. After a few conversations with the little man, Jonathan and I finally came to the conclusion that he may be confusing them for pineapple, but when we ask, he is insistent that he's right. That stubborn streak runs deep.