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June 30, 2012

Happy Weekend and Housekeeping!

Happy weekend guys! Thank goodness we have a couple days to breathe easy and slow the pace a bit, just before we jump into the excitement of FOOD! PARADES! and my all-time favorite FIREWORKS! which we are crossing our fingers won't scare our little lass right out of her diaper.

For those of you who are clicking through your readers and are actually on the site itself, you'll notice that we have a lovely new banner... which is thoroughly indicative of the toddler's feelings on his toys lately. Enough said.

And before I wrap things up for the night and get to that hot date with my pillow, I wanted to point out a minor change I've made to the header. See that new button that says SUBSCRIBE! in fancy, white letters? Thanks to the fact that Facebook is trying to wring every last cent out of it's page owners now, most of you don't see updates to the fan page anymore [sad face]. So instead of depending on Facebook to share fun content and the multitudes of pictures that I like to bombard you all with, I'm making it super easy. Now, you can subscribe directly to the site through your social reader or through email. And for what it's worth, I will never sell or distribute your email addresses without your express permission. Mostly because I firmly believe that there is a special place in hell reserved for spam and junk mail.

And on that note, I'm going to clean out my inbox and then crawl beneath my sheets. Oh, look! I just got an email from the Prince of Zimbabwe wanting to send me $600,000 dollars! How sweet...

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